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5 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Feeling a little overweight? And you want remove some extra pounds, or simply you just want to be healthy. Then doing weight loss is perfect for you. Who wouldn’t want to shave some unattractive fat? Not only will you feel more confident and have a high self esteem, also you will feel more energize. Feed a machine the right fuel and you will definitely get more horsepower.

But be careful though. Doing weight loss programs on without knowledge can be dangerous to your health. You could be doing more harm than good to that body of yours.

That’s why I wrote this article to bring you 5 weight loss tips that is just common sense yet not so common. Its also best that you continue to educate yourself of how to do the right weight loss. This article is simply not long enough to discuss the whole subject.

Top 5 weight loss tips that’s just needs common sense

Best to start with soup

Starting with soup is a Japanese tradition yet it’s the best thing you can do if you’re doing weight loss. That’s because starting with soup, best if its vegetable broth, would fill your tummy thus resulting you to eat less during the main meal. Study shows that people who have soup 5-6 times a week have lower Body Mass Index.

The main meal of the day is lunch

This is also a common thing in whole of Europe. But scientifically its is best to have the main meal during lunch. For the reason that the digestive juices are strongest between 10 am to 2 pm.

Getting in the habit of using healthy oils

We all know that there are to kinds of fat. The healthy fat and the unhealthy fat. Healthy fat are essential for the body to perform at its fullest. Where do you get healthy fat? Olive oils! Also as observed, people who indulge in olive oil have higher tendency of eating more vegetables or raw produce than those who aren’t. Eating vegetables and fruit would help you tremendously to loose weight or preventing you to be overweight.

Don’t eat so you can be 100% full

This doesn’t mean that you should also go hungry. This just advises you to eat until you are 80% full. Eating up to 100% full would cause your stomach to stretch every meal thus it needs more food for you to feel full.

Eating is for hunger

You should only eat when your hungry or when its time to dine. This maybe common sense but you’ll be surprised how people use eating for past time, eating when bored or even eating when depressed. You should avoid this kind of situation. Eating is for hunger, if you’re bored get a dog. A dog would even help you with weight loss if you share you’re remaining 20% of your food with your pet.


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