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How to Burn More Fat – Burn More Fat With Weights

Many women have what I like to call "weight loss hot spots"! These particular areas are difficult to remove fat. Mind you that is only the case if you don’t have these 5 tips to help you burn body fat faster:

Fats and more fats.

You need to incorporate healthy fats into your diet. Some dieters think that they need to reduce their fat intake by 80% or more. Today’s nutritionists have discovered that there are some healthy fats that you need to have in your diet. Good fats can come from fish, whole raw nuts, and avocado.

How much is on your plate?

Whether you have a plate of healthy food or not you still need to manage portion control. Yes you can use salad as your filler but you also need to make sure you have not over extended with the other food portions on your plate. More vegetables, not as much meat and a little carbs for slow releasing energy.

Have some carbs not no carbs!

Yes there are some carbs that will make your butt get bigger and there are some carbs that will give you slow releasing energy. Now what is most important is that the slow releasing energy will last all day. A piece of chocolate cake will give you a temporary quick sugar rush. You will experience a high in mood swings very quickly followed by a depressing low! This is generally followed by more cakes, sweets and biscuits. The cravings of these carbs are too difficult for most dieters to say no to.

Can you spell what you are eating?

Now here is a good one. Since the evolution of the low carb diets, the supermarkets are jam packed with energy bars. Some but not all of these are candy bars undercover. Although you may think you are eating something healthy you could indeed be eating an energy bar that will make you crave sugar all day long. Check the nutritional label. If you can not spell or even say the ingredients then you probably should not eat it! Purchase more whole foods, no nutritional labels required!

How much have you eaten today?

Calorie counting whilst annoying is probably quite necessary in the early stages of weight loss. You need to get a good idea as to what and how much you should be eating. After a week or two you do not need to be as religious but I would strongly recommend it in the beginning.

By following at least two of these tips you should be able to make enough changes to your diet to remove fat from your hips, bum and thighs. Do not forget to incorporate 15 – 20mins of exercise 3-4 days per week.


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