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Rapid Weight Loss Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Most weight loss programs focus on either diet or exercise, but that might just turn out to be a mistake. Effective weight loss depends on both, as part of an integrated program. That’s just what the Body for Life program delivers.

This is a program that combines a specialized diet consisting of five carefully balanced meals a day, combined with the right nutritional supplements and exercise that is done at specific times of the day. That, perhaps, is the key to the success of this program – the instructions are very detailed, so deciding to follow the program at all inspires a lot of dedication. Also, the results on this program tend to be very quick, which does a lot to encourage people to stick with it, even though it may be difficult.

The Body for Life program is explained in a book of the same name, and taking a quick look inside the cover of this book just might get you hooked. These pages are a composite of many ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures – with a difference. Everyone starting the program is required to have his or her picture taken in a swimsuit. If you are significantly overweight, that can be an ordeal in and of itself, but the purpose is to compare it with an ‘after’ shot, also in a swimsuit, after you have completed the program. That makes it all worthwhile. There is a dramatic difference between virtually all the before/ after shots. This is a weight loss program that really works.

The exercise program that is part of Body for Life is as specialized as the diet. As well as cardio exercise, there are exercises specifically designed to build muscle. These increase in intensity as you progress in the program. Building muscle is a very effective way of losing weight. Not only does muscle look good, allowing you to lose inches as well as pounds – but it also helps you lose weight. Muscle burns fat even when you’re not actively engaged in exercising.

There is a good reason why the program has you eat five small meals instead of three larger ones. For one thing, it means you never get hungry, so you never feel deprived. If you are feeling deprived on a diet, you are much more likely to cheat. Also, if you go for long periods of time without eating, your metabolism – the rate at which your body burns calories – tends to slow down. In fact, the way that Sumo wrestlers pack on so much weight is by eating just one huge meal a day! On the other hand, if you eat at short, regular intervals during the day, you will boost your metabolism. Your body will burn energy faster, especially when you are exercising throughout the day, too!

The Body for Life program is for those who are serious about losing weight and getting fit. Evidence shows that its unique blend of diet and exercise actually does work – many people have used this program to great effect. It requires some dedication – there is a detailed and specific plan that you have to follow each day. This might be a deterrent to some people who might not have the time to dedicate to their weight loss program. Once you have made the decision to participate, though, it’s likely that the structured nature of the program may keep you on track better than if it were less structured. If you have a lot invested in your weight loss program, you’ll put in the extra effort to make sure it works.

The Body for Life program has sometimes been criticized, on the basis of two factors. First, the program requires that you buy and take quite a few nutritional supplements. These are intended to make sure that you don’t fall short of any nutrients while eating a somewhat restricted diet, and they are also formulated to help you lose weight faster. However, it does mean that you will have to lay out some cash in order to follow this program. The second factor is that the program is not individualized. Everyone follows more or less the same program, whereas the trend today is to design individualized weight loss programs based on physical and psychological traits whenever possible.


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