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Tacfit Commando PDF Download

When Scott Sonnon first announced the issue of Tacfit CommandoTacfit Commando Review, there was a lot of immediate interest in the schedule and what it is like. After all, while there are many fitness programs, most of them weren’t made for special ops troops, bodyguards, and firefighters, as this one was. Most schedule are more involved with losing fat or construction muscle, not indubitably pushing your body past its limits to new corporal heights.

Naturally, a lot of people are spirited about Tacfit Commando workouts: what exercises are they made of, what are the system of these workouts, what are they like?

Since I can’t go over the entire schedule in this short article, I can only tell you in normal terms what the Tacfit Commando workout system are so you’ll know more about the schedule and settle either or not it’s indubitably for you.

Tacfit Commando Workout – principles and Exercises

Principle #1

The first thing these workouts all have in coarse is that they can be done anywhere. This is a main requirement of military who often spend days and weeks in the wild, training in various combat conditions. This is why all the Tacfit Commando exercises are done with no tool whatsoever. You only use your body weight as resistance. This means that you can do all of these workouts at home, at the park, on the beach, on vacation, in any place where there’s a floor.

Principle #2

Time is of the essence is a coarse and beloved saying and there’s no place it is more relevant than in the armed forces. Soldiers are all the time pressed for time, they have too much to do. This is why Scott Sonnon had to generate short workouts to fit in with the army’s schedule. All of the workouts in TacFit are short and to the point. Usually, you can be done with any single workout in 30 minutes or so. One of the results of this requirement is that rest time in the middle of sets is shorter than you may be used to in your current workouts.

Principle #3

These workouts weren’t created to help whatever look better, lose a bit of body fat, or build bigger muscles. Soldiers are people who depend on their body for their very survival. They have to be in tiptop shape to perform 110% on the battlefield. This is why Tacfit Commando exercises are focused on enhancing corporal ability, not look. Yes, you will burn a lot of body fat and build that hard, lean, and athletic figure, but this will happen as part of the process, not as its main focus.

These workouts won’t be easy. In fact, they may prove to be the most spirited you’ve ever done. Now that you know more about them you can come to a decision if you’re up for this challenge at this time in your life.


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