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The Diet Solution Program Books

The Diet Solution Program Books is written by Isabel De Los Rios, a nutrition and exercise specialist with over a decade of experience in the field. The book explains in detail all the essentials about losing body fat and keeping diseases away. What impresses us most about this e-book is that Isabel has touched upon every weight loss essential by exploring subjects like metabolism as well. With knowledge gained from her own experience, she has given a clear picture about:

  • What you really need to know and understand about obesity
  • The truth behind the health foods that actually result in weight gain, rather than weight loss
  • How to shed weight without counting calories
  • How to understand your body’s metabolism and plan the right meal
  • What you need to know about organic food, artificial sweeteners and dairy products
  • What exactly you need to buy
  • What are the healthy and tasty recipes you can make easily
  • What your meal portions should be (here, she has given a calculated picture about the portion sizes that are best for you)
  • Your everyday meal planning (she has outlined in detail the right meal plans)

With its logical calculations, you can’t help but trust The Diet Solution Program. All the information is divided into small, understandable chapters, which makes it easy to understand and follow. Despite being an exercise specialist herself, Isabel does lay excessive emphasis on exercise, which is good.

The Diet Solution Program BooksThe Diet Solution has a scientific approach. It clearly tells you that you should know about your body’s metabolism in order to plan a right meal that will help you get rid off excess weight. Everybody’s metabolic type is different, and understanding your metabolic type helps in determining what food is right for you.

Isabel tells you how you can adjust your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and even your skin health. In the quick start guide, she has summed up all the contents of the e-book, which you can finish reading in only about 15 minutes.

The Diet Solution Program: Our Verdict

Our verdict of The Diet Solution Program is that the detailed plans and structured information in small chapters make the e-book easy to follow as compared to the other diet or weight loss programs available in the market.

The Book’s official website also involves you with several other special offers to make a more valuable and better value package, but what the Diet Solution Program is really about is losing weight with no side effects, no long-term damage, no severe deprivation and no wasted years of following the wrong regime. All dieters need to diet in the right way, and without spending the best years of your life trying to lose weight and failing with book after book telling you the wrong dieting method, you should buy the Diet Solution Program, and you’ll find exactly the method you need to follow to lose weight safely.


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