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What is The Best Way to Lose Weight Quickly?

I have been asked many times what is the best way to lose fat and I will usually respond with a generic answer: the best way to lose fat is to create a caloric deficit by combining a reduction of calorie intake with an increase of the calories burnt. This usually results in several annoyed looks because most people hope to hear some magical cure for excessive fat deposits.

Part of the reason for this is that the average person is constantly bombarded with advertisements for fad diets and promises that you can "lose weight eating whatever you want." Honestly, these lame diet ads have done little more than undermine people’s confidence in legitimate weight loss programs. So, to set the record straight, I am going to point out some practical advice on the best way to lose fat.

The first step to losing weight involves cleaning up your diet of any food sources that will pack on unwanted pounds. That means all those food items that are high in fat and refined sugar need to go! They are loaded with a ton of empty calories and do little more than make you fat. Eliminating them from your diet would be the best move you could make.

I also believe that not drinking calories falls into the category of things considered among the best way to lose fat. When you drink beverages that are loaded with calories, you are ingesting calories while providing no solid food to your system. That means you will feel hungry after drinking the calories which, in turn, means you will ingest more calories when you eat. This leads to excess calorie consumption that packs on the pounds.

Of course, I would have to recommend cardio exercise as a reliable means of burning off unnecessary fat. Cardio exercise can be as low in intensity or as high in intensity as you wish. Ultimately, the key here is to exercise as much as possible (within reason, of course) to get the heart rate up. This will, in turn, burn off stored fat.

Now, I realize that some may not like the idea of performing certain cardio programs even though cardio might be the best way to lose fat. Here is some advice to those looking for a good cardio program: shop around. That is, look at all the different cardio exercises and select one that appeals to you the most. The more enthusiasm you have for a particular workout, the greater your odds of success will be.

I also have to recommend investing a little time in weight lifting. Lifting weights – even light weights – will help boost your metabolism. This means you will drop weight in a shorter period of time as a result. Now, some may worry about packing on too much muscle mass. This should not be a concern because you can always adjust the amount of weight you lift so as to avoid putting on too much mass. However, you will burn calorie no matter how heavy the iron is that you are pumping.

And, finally, I have to say consistency is among the most important components to losing weight. You need to make diet and exercise a consistent part of your lifestyle, this will ensure you keep your weight down without any yo-yo effect. Yes, believe it or not, the best way to lose fat is to make healthy living your new lifestyle.


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